Tre sbirri e una carrozza

Yes – Blackheath Halls, like so many all over the world, kept the flame of Art ablaze in this time of social blackout… so there, c-virus!

Here’s a fantastic quarantine performance of ‘Tre sbirri, una carrozza’ from Act I of Giacomo Puccini’s Tosca, put together by Christopher Stark, the Musical Director of the Blackheath Halls Orchestra and James Hurley, who directed the Blackheath Halls Opera production of La belle Hélène last summer.

Featuring Matthew Rose singing the role of Scarpia as well as multiple members of our amazing community groups, the Blackheath Halls Orchestra and the Blackheath Halls Opera company singing and playing from their homes, it is a rousing celebration of creativity and artistic spirit during these challenging times for the arts industry.     

It was a pleasure to take a small part in this big project.

The most remarkable thing for me was dressing up for it – the guidelines were catholic clergy, choir-boys, italian soldiers, notaries

…So I dug out of my old wardrobe my authentic military school uniform, dreading the challenge of fitting a big belly into a small clothing item last worn in my late teens.

And yet, a miracle happened as I somehow managed the feat.

All that remained to do, to help the suspension of disbelief that is always necessary under any thespian circumstances, was shave my hair and beard like the good old days.

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