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The symposium (literally “communal drinking”) is one of the social traditions that has survived since the dawn of civilisation, when Demeter and Dionysus gifted the humans with grain and wine. Wine is liquid life-force: under the right circumstances, it joins the souls of those that enjoy it together. Wine is edgy: the same fiery power […]

A movie detour

Holiday is a time to experience optionality: we stray from standard paths and take detours. We de-frag and bootstrap our minds. We take time to explore things that pass us by in everyday routine. By now you have probably worked out that I’m on holiday 🙂 !!! Stuck on a long flight, I immediately went […]

You are what you do

Man is a social animal.  Yet, the fun one has at an event is often inversely proportional to the degree of involvement in organising it (as it turns out, organising a big event is the fifth most stressful job in America!). Being a host, like everything else, is a learned skill.  It helps when you grow up in […]

Burn the calories

OK, here’s an example of cultural crossover. Last week at Borough Market, when I bought my Mont d’Or – among a booty of other foody goodies – the bloke at the counter explained: “put zee white wine and zee garlic and zee herbs in zee cheese, put eet in zee oven and it will be […]

Free to create your own brand!

A few days ago I had the pleasure to sit in front of Stephen O’Donnell (@stephenodonnell), the main guest and speaker at a dinner organised by Shalini Khemka (@ShaliniKhemka), the CEO of E2Exchange. Stephen, who built up a twitter following of 90K+, spoke about the power of social media. He started off describing his outlook and approach to life in […]