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In the summer of 2018 I read Ludwig Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Investigations. A steep and stony mountain trail in approximately seven hundred stages (700+ numbered propositions). From time to time a gem, a breathtaking view, an alpine flower; as I read on, I noted down the ones that resonated the most with me. For each I ended up writing a poem or an aphorism titled with the number of the proposition it refers to.



Not far from the beaten path
the road gets bumpy
not far beyond
a precipice


discovering the bumps
that separate us from the abyss


Like clouds from a balcony
the words
we see and we don’t see
the winds
celestial grammars
connecting shapes

we get it and we don’t

and it is fundamental
to understand Aeolus’ essence
because he sculpts the view
because he gifts with meaning
nonsensical appearance
(like a “Weltanshauung?”)


I told you
it is
a torch
not axe or lever
nor instruction booklet
you can’t even use it
to set fire to things
it’s just
a light
this philosophy


Stages of Philosophy (Beginner Advanced Ninja God)

Give me a second
I’ll hand it over

give me a minute
I will show it to you

give me a lifetime
I will demonstrate what it is

give me eternity
and everything will be possibile

*syncretism with Boethius, De Consolatione Philosophiae, 5.P4.


Oh no I am not a breeder
it’s really not my gig
to use control improve

a “dadouchos” perhaps
shedding a little light
on footprints patterns rules

(of that archetypal science that is language)

and in my games
I favour imitation
without limitation


One thing we can say with certainty



Of infinity
in stationary silence
I hear the soundtrack


When the roar
becomes a roar
Simba dies and
the lions arise

little big killer
and sire
of that nuclear weapon that is language

but don’t talk to me about Truth



that splendid smile of yours
beautiful in Rome
intelligent in London
rich in New York
weak in Tokyo
stupid in Moscow

while you don’t have a clue how you feel
and all of this before uttering a word

off you go now
lie and win


With lightning speed
your sudden intuition

hits the target
or a brick wall


correct of words from use the
meaning the of sentence a

and from their order 🙂


Wittgenstein Cicero Wittgenstein verbatim*

das Wesen ist in der Grammatik augesprochen

rerum enim copia verborum copia gignit et si est honestas in rebus ipsis de quibus dicitur existit naturalis quidam splendor in verbis

Theologie als Grammatik

– Essence is expressed in grammar (§371)
– The abundance of things never leaves you lost for words, and if there is honesty in what you are talking about, words display a somewhat natural splendour (Cic. De Oratore, III.xxxi.125)
– Theology as grammar (§373)


a fear-inducing judge
lies your ambition

it’s immaterial
do what you like with it
don’t be afraid

slice it to pieces
one little step one triumph
like up a staircase

events for sure
about your grandiose planning
don’t care at all


In the beginning was the Verb
and the Verb was with god
and god was the Verb

all Clauses were made by it
and without it was not any Clause made
that was made

in it was action
and the action
was the light of words

and the light shone on creatures and things
and the words that described creatures and things
were called Nouns

and there were four domains for Nouns to dwell in
orientated in relation to the Verb

left was Origin
up was State
Destination to the right
Transition underneath

and each domain was host to four dimensions

in the first instance was Fact
then Space and Time
lastly Mood or Mode

according to domain and dimension
Nouns were categorised into elements
and among the elements
those in the dimension of Fact were pre-eminent

the Subject in the State Domain
the Object in Destination
in Transition the Indirect Object
in Origin the Agent

without the Subject enacting the Verb
no Clause would make sense

without some or all of the others
few Clauses would be complete

and in the remaining dimensions
to add the colours and textures
of when where and how
were Complements and Adjuncts
to provide their support

from the elegant arrangement of Verb and elements
beautiful meaning emerged

but that was not enough

for Nouns and Verbs had qualities
and qualities needed words

hence were born
Adjectives Articles and Adverbs

the variety of expressions needed
special prefixes and other artifices
whence came Prepositions and Interjections

and then the Clause was complete

but Language was complete not

for Clauses were of many kinds
Principal Subordinate Coordinate Conditional
and they required connection emphasis and separation

Conjunctions and Punctuation did it

and that was it


The voice of silence rising from a picture
speaks of a thousand things that never happened
describes a thousand worlds a thousand times
a different story for each different viewer

it tells me of itself so full of power
and doesn’t lie nor does it hide its crimes
it does not justify and it’s not frightened
and fills my silence with its wordless lecture


There are some things that make themselves be told
like mother long ago her fairy tales
of friendly wisdom stacked with words that kindle
a universal fire because they’re simple

There are some things that you like to be told
like once upon a time those fairy tales
whose magic glow reveals itself to you
and purifies the soul because they’re true

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