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“È” come un re sull’ultimo gradino della sublime scala dei perché e la sostiene. Ontologia dell’Essere: inizio e fine, unica fonte della nostra verità. — Riflessioni su Sein und Zeit (Heidegger)


Una sull’altra, a chiazze, sul selciato, dormono soffici, d’oro le foglie, forse in un sogno brumoso le coglie il dubbio d’avere un po’ troppo frusciato. Ma è tardi. Ora il ramo, educato all’indifferenza del vento che toglie, tremulo avverte, gelide e spoglie le sue estremità, lassù, desolato. Bianca, la luce dell’alba autunnale tinge di fragile […]

14 May 1973 “Seven die in helicopter crash”

One day in May they told us you were dead, inside a monster called Agusta Bell: “it crashed, there was no chance — no, no-one fled, it burned — but up in heaven, now, they dwell”. Our Mamma froze, she gasped yet she did not shed tears, because the three of us were so so […]

The Holm

…and what are you doing there aloof, full-leafed, when all the leaves have left?!?

Soldiers (1918)

hanging like in the autumn on to the trees the leaves – my translation of Giuseppe Ungaretti’s poem: Soldati Si sta come d’autunno sugli alberi le foglie

Two people

A mirror palindrome One is elated not unusual except it’s eight am and it’s grey “I‘ll walk with you for a bit you don’t mind do you” happy humming “lovely the wild birds how they fly free drawing gentle loops on that crisp blue water” an uncertain sun pierces the clouds “in those spent grey […]

Nomina induta

A translation of Ovid’s Metamorphoses III.206-236: Actaeon, transformed by the goddess Diana into a deer, as punishment for spying on her bathing, is pursued and mauled by his own hounds. — While in a daze (the shock of his likeness to deer so perplexing), Blackfur and Tracker, hawk-eyed, are the first to call out to […]