Monthly Archives: November 2014

E,R not E-R

One of the foundations of structured data design is Entity-Relationship (E-R) modelling. A long time ago, when I first saw the E-R diagram of a reasonably complex trading system, I was fascinated by its image of logically interconnected boxes: an impressive “skeleton” where the little box on the bottom right might be affected by the […]

A thousand “me”

There are a thousand reasons to visit Naples: majestic Vesuvius, incomparable Neapolitan Pizza, breathtaking Capri and Ischia, unmissable archaeological sites (Pompeii, Herculaneum, the National Archaeological Museum), beautiful weather, beautiful people. Naples was the backdrop for Admiral Nelson’s love affair with Emma Hamilton: a commercial, political and cultural hub that was a key destination of Victorian […]

True remembrance

888,246 poppies. “It is said that Calchas the seer came here from Troy […] and died of vexation when he chanced to meet a seer […] who was greater than himself. Mopsus, the son of Manto […]. Calchas set Mopsus the following problem: ‘Amazement strikes my heart at how many figs this fig tree has, […]