Ho soffiato un desiderio al futuro un bacio al presente una lacrima al passato che il filo di fumo insegue che l’amore persegue che alla morte consegue di vita redenta d’anima contenta di candela spenta e si è avverato si è posato ha confortato ed è per questo che ho soffiato. I blew a wish […]

Hodie mane divinam musicam quae “Gloria” appellatur audiebam ut tenoris vocem discerem propter concentum in ecclesia fine mensis Novembri. Hoc faciendo et cantitando manus meas more avium per aere movebam caputque ad caelum tendebam, mente mea fluctuante in aliquo maioris amissa. Cogitabam deinde de Christianitatis mirabili triumpho pulchritudine artium ab ipsa genitarum quae animam ut […]

– Steve loves all geniuses – Donald is a genius – Steve loves Donald In “Analytica Posteriora”, Aristotle describes how, in deductive reasoning, where you look at a chain of cause and effect, the intensity of feeling is naturally stronger higher up in the chain. Aristotle therefore says that the true epicentre of Steve’s emotional […]

19 Apr 2018 […] vìx bene càstaliò Cadmùs descènderat àntro ìncustòditàm lentè videt ìre iuvèncam nùllum sèrvitiì signùm cervìce gerèntem […] Ovid., Met., III.14-16 …why do I find it interesting? Because the metric, in particular the line in the middle, movingly mirrors the meaning like great music. Ovid’s exametres – like those of Homer or […]

Jersey loophole? “Dutch sandwich”? No, just a good old British toast! Last year, in the run-up to Christmas, I organised a special event to mark Krescendo’s XVth anniversary. I worked hard to make a two-day commitment for my employees and their close families, at a time of the year where weekends are at a premium, […]

…Where does the Iliad’s timeless appeal (to different people and for different reasons) come from? This kind of question is what inspired me to go back to Uni in 2012 for a one-year postgrad diploma in Classics. I since found out that many of my friends and acquaintances from all walks of life have been touched […]

“Let’s go for a drink”. Thank goodness for Bacchus’ international language. I am escorting @original_stig (yes, the first one, the one wearing the black suit) Perry McCarthy, F1 driver, Le Mans racer – now motivational speaker – to my old school in beautiful Naples, Italy. A beer and a glass of wine at the airport […]