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Two people

A mirror palindrome One is elated not unusual except it’s eight am and it’s grey “I‘ll walk with you for a bit you don’t mind do you” happy humming “lovely the wild birds how they fly free drawing gentle loops on that crisp blue water” an uncertain sun pierces the clouds “in those spent grey […]

Nomina induta

A translation of Ovid’s Metamorphoses III.206-236: Actaeon, transformed by the goddess Diana into a deer, as punishment for spying on her bathing, is pursued and mauled by his own hounds. — While in a daze (the shock of his likeness to deer so perplexing), Blackfur and Tracker, hawk-eyed, are the first to call out to […]

Iron Girl

On the night I visited the Antony Gormley exhibition at the R A (Royal Academy of Arts) in London Asleep inside the courtyard on a tile, an iron baby lies in foetal pose, alone outdoors, deceivingly fragile, attracting open praise, demanding close inspection: rugged surface, solid core cast less than seven days after her birth, […]

London coffee

I met a fellow poet today who strikes it lucky with his lungs so long as it’s allowed another foreigner you see who understands the tragic hiatus of having to apply (…are you for real?) after so long for “settled status” we talked of works and words inconsequential for most or maybe not who knows […]

Quantum Love

Unspoken their first hello would be their last goodbye yet Clotho as typical when Eros came and went would spin entangled threads the sort that are impossible to measure or to end – Clotho is one of the three Fates or Μοιραι. She spins the thread of life; Lachesis and Atropos draw out and cut […]

Oxtail rigatoni

Moist brown perfectly peasant as if Time itself had been slow-cooked in the paucity of essential ingredients and Space no longer alone at the corner table of a posh Gotham joint but under the gaze of Nonna’s shiny eyes in yesterday’s kitchen alive and I smile at memories coating my grateful palate as the last […]

Elegia ad oblita

Accidit post finem, meipso vagante, scholarum ut iam per mensas quolibet scriptorias hic ego inveniam stylorum opercula quaedam, praefractas regulas, deinde feras plagulas. Magnus ut Oceanus motionibus semper in oris seu quibus Normannis seu etiam Armoricis recedit destituens, ubi mires, sabula vasta, gemmas vel lapides, anxia fossilia atque animalia quae impetus alitis undae iam captiva […]