The turtle and the flea

…You find the World Cup final somewhat stressy?
Just add a little something to your latte:
A shot, the perfect match for Kilian Mbappe,
Some spice, to pay respect to Leo Messi.

If one’s technique may come across as bossy
The other’s borrowed surely from the ballet;
Allez! Let’s whoop it up for Tortue Mbappe,
¡Olé! Let’s raise a toast to Pulga Messi!

Two stars apiece, new records to be set,
One thing’s for sure, they’re going to raise the bar
Whoever wins, the other will regret

For in the end, there’s only one cigar!
So just relax, enjoy the tête-à-tête
At Al Bayt, the stadium in Qatar.

Image generated using AI

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