Burn the calories

OK, here’s an example of cultural crossover. Last week at Borough Market, when I bought my Mont d’Or – among a booty of other foody goodies – the bloke at the counter explained: “put zee white wine and zee garlic and zee herbs in zee cheese, put eet in zee oven and it will be perfect!”.

So I did and – indeed – it was perfect. Or “perfetto” as they say in my home country…What a way to burn the calories!

Well, tonight I was starving. But I had no Mont d’Or. Instead, all I could find in the fridge was a large-sausage-shaped Italian cheese (called “Auricchio”) that was calling to me. Beautiful and imposing as it was… It felt a bit cold.

And then it hit me. What if I gave it the Mont d’Or treatment?

So out came the garlic, the wine and the thyme as I fired up the oven. The end result was a melty goo that just wanted eating:


Out of French inspiration and Italian desperation came an excellent end product!

Conclusion: if you have a hardish, milky cheese with a relatively neutral taste, ideally with a bit of a kick once you’ve chewed on a bit… Throw a few herbs in it and give it the 180•C treatment in the oven!

Next time, for good measure, I’ll add some anchovies. Buon Appetito!

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